Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DocuSign Impact Corps?

The DocuSign Impact Corps is a community of skilled and passionate DocuSign employees who want to help nonprofit organizations maximize their impact by moving manual, paper-based processes to the cloud. Whether you’re just getting started with DocuSign eSignature or if you’re a more experienced user needing support to overcome a roadblock, our experts are here to help.

Who is eligible to work with volunteers through the DocuSign Impact Corps?

While we are happy to work with any nonprofit users of DocuSign, our primary focus will be helping nonprofit organizations who have received discounted or donated DocuSign products through our partnership with TechSoup.

What types of projects can I get help with?

The DocuSign Impact Corps is ideal for new DocuSign users, first-time admins, or more experienced users who need help overcoming technical roadblocks to maximize their usage of DocuSign.

How many one-hour sessions can I schedule with my volunteer?

DocuSign Impact Corps sessions should be scoped for completion within 1 to 3 hours. If you feel you need more than the initial one-hour session with your selected volunteer, keep these things in mind:

  • Ensure that you and the volunteer are a good match for the project. This means the volunteer has both the time availability and relevant skills to help address the challenges and questions at hand. If you know your project will require more than three hours together, ask your volunteer up front if they’re capable of providing additional help.
  • Confirm that your project revolves around implementing DocuSign. Organizations can use many different technology products to help them run efficiently. If you desire an integration with another technology, be sure to tell your volunteer at the outset. Volunteers will not be able to build custom integrations, but they will be able to provide suggestions for the best path forward.
  • Should you and your volunteer determine that your project will continue beyond one session, make sure that you have both properly scoped the work. This ensures you both know the work that needs to be done and have clear expectations on cadence and deliverables. Create a project plan and timeline, establish regular check-ins, and be clear about desired outcomes for your organization.

When I reach out to my volunteer, what information should I include?

To make the most of your initial advisory call, share as much information as possible about your current usage of DocuSign and any questions or challenges you have.

Key details to share include:

  • Name and mission of your organization
  • What is your timeline?
  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • How long have you been using DocuSign?
  • What is your role within your organization regarding DocuSign? For example, are you an admin or a champion who is looking to further implement this with your group.
  • Will this project integrate with other systems or software?

What should I expect once I select my volunteer?

You can expect to receive an email response from your volunteer within 3 business days. Your initial one-hour session will take place via phone or video call. Your DocuSign Impact Corps volunteer will work with you to understand your organization’s needs and how they can help. If your needs are limited to troubleshooting or basic DocuSign training, this initial conversation may be all you need. If you’d like additional guidance, your volunteer may be able to help define next steps and direct you to additional resources. Any follow-up actions or additional conversations should be mutually agreed upon by you and your volunteer.

What is the DocuSign Impact Corps?

The DocuSign Impact Corps is a community of skilled and passionate DocuSign employees who want to help nonprofit organizations maximize their impact by moving manual, paper-based processes to the cloud. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to use your specialized skills and knowledge to help nonprofit organizations focused on making a social impact.

What do I get out of being a member of the DocuSign Impact Corps?

The DocuSign Impact Corps is your chance to give back and utilize your DocuSign skills for good! This is a great way to enact the Work of Your Life promise by applying your DocuSign expertise and giving back to the community. Other benefits include: meeting other volunteers, growing as a leader through interacting with many types of nonprofit organizations, and learning about organizations you may not have encountered otherwise.

How did the DocuSign Impact Corps come to be?

The DocuSign Impact Corps is one of the ways DocuSign IMPACT is executing on its mission, which is to bring the strength of our people, our products and our philanthropy to bear in creating stronger communities and a more sustainable planet. With an increasing number of nonprofit customers leveraging our donated and discounted eSignature web products, we wanted a scalable way to support those organizations with effectively deploying DocuSign while allowing employees to give back by using their skills and expertise.

I’m ready. How do I sign up?

Wonderful! We look forward to having you on board. Here is what we expect of our volunteers:

  • 6 months of experience (or the equivalent in training) using DocuSign products
  • Commit to responding to incoming requests within 3 business days
  • Be willing and able to share your relevant skills with nonprofit organizations

When you’re ready to sign up, please click the “DocuSign Impact Corps” tile in Okta and complete your profile.

What is expected of me during a DocuSign Impact Corps engagement?

As a volunteer, you should aim to deliver exceptional customer experiences and do your best to help customers arrive at a solution for their critical needs. We want organizations to learn how best to use DocuSign eSignature for their needs and recommend DocuSign Impact Corps volunteers to others. You won’t have all the answers or be able to solve every problem, and that’s okay. Do your best to help our nonprofit customers, be transparent about your limitations, and don’t hesitate to contact with any issues that come up along the way.