Jack Warman

Durham, North Carolina, United States

Customer Success Manager, Customer Success

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Jack has been helping DocuSign customers as a Customer Success Manager since early 2019, identifying ways that our customers can use DocuSign to make their organizations easier to work with and easier to work for.


Somehow, I've always found myself in roles helping customers use technology to solve problems and make work easier - from building websites for running events and triathlons to managing a ringtone catalog in the pre-App Store days to helping major financial services institutions modernize their customers' banking experience. I love learning what problems need to be solved, how solving them will make things better, and helping solve them!

When I'm not trying to solve problems, I am often doing something with my bike. Usually I am riding it, but I have also participated in our local Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission, am a Traffic Cycling Instructor and co-founded a local bicycle and transportation advocacy non-profit.

As a problem-solver, I take time to learn how my customers' DocuSign goals align with their broader goals to ensure that their organization is setup for success both today and in the future.