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Caroline Laregain Dublin, Leinster, Ireland
DocuSign Account Branding, Bulk Send, Advanced Fields, Getting Started with DocuSign
DocuSign University

I joined the DocuSign Customer Success team in 2015 and I am currently working as Technical Course Developer for DocuSign University. My role has helpe (show more)

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Interests: Sewing, Cooking, and Traveling

Mallory Curtis Seattle, Washington, United States
Power Forms, DocuSign for HR, Creating Templates, Bulk Send

3 years of DocuSign experience ranging from PreSales Solution Engineering to Post Sales Implementation. (show more)

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Interests: Dogs, Baking, and Reading

Jack Warman Durham, North Carolina, United States
Getting Started with DocuSign, Bulk Send, Creating Templates, DocuSign Best Practices
Customer Success

Jack has been helping DocuSign customers as a Customer Success Manager since early 2019, identifying ways that our customers can use DocuSign to make t (show more)

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Interests: Reading, Outdoors, Cooking, Family, and Cycling

Kristen Jackson San Mateo, California, United States
Bulk Send, Power Forms, DocuSign for Legal, Creating Templates
Solution Engineering

Kristen joined DocuSign in 2015 and is a member of the Solution Engineering team. As a self-proclaimed "Technical Evangelist", Kristen loves solving p (show more)

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Interests: Traveling and Family

Laurie Paguio New York, New York, United States
Bulk Send, Creating Templates, DocuSign Admin and Sub-Accounts, DocuSign Best Practices
Customer Success Management

I joined DocuSign in September 2015 as part of the Professional Services team and made the transition to the Customer Success Manager role in Healthcar (show more)

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Interests: Travel, Cooking, and Fitness

Rachael Waters Seattle, Washington, United States
Getting Started with DocuSign, DocuSign Account Branding, Creating Templates, Bulk Send
Adoption Consulting

I love helping and training folks on how to streamline processes and make efficient use of their time. (show more)

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Interests: Cooking, Movies, and Reading

Yuta Matsuo Minatoku, Tokyo, Japan
DocuSign Admin and Sub-Accounts, DocuSign Account Branding, Creating Templates, Bulk Send
DocuSign Japan / Customer Success

Hi I am Yuta, Adoption Consultant at DocuSign and located in Tokyo, Japan. I am excited to share my assistance to you all and getting started quickly (show more)

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Interests: hot spring, family, MMA, and driving

Ricardo San Martin Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
DocuSign Admin and Sub-Accounts, Bulk Send, Setting Up Workflows, Creating Templates

An outdoor person dedicated to helping the environment and teaching the next generation about our planet. (show more)

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Interests: cooking, camping, sustainability, hiking, and Scuba diving

Sofia Gantchev Dublin, Connacht, Ireland
DocuSign for HR, Setting Up Workflows, Creating Templates, Bulk Send
Solutions Consulting

As a Solutions Consultant, my role is to help organizations digitalize their agreement process using DocuSign's suite of products. A big part of my jo (show more)

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Interests: DIY

Camilla Campani Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
DocuSign Productivity Tips, Getting Started with DocuSign, Creating Templates, Bulk Send

Market Development Representative SMB NewCo (show more)

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Interests: outdoor activites, tree-planting, surf, yoga, pilates, and animals

Jaclyn Deveau Seattle, Washington, United States
Bulk Send, DocuSign Best Practices, Creating Templates, Getting Started with DocuSign
Customer Success Managers

Onboarding & Ongoing Adoption Success Expert (show more)

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Interests: Music, Cooking & Baking, Animals, Yoga, and Outdoor Recreation

Drew Martin Seattle, Alabama, United States
DocuSign Productivity Tips, Bulk Send, Creating Templates, Power Forms

I'm a lead for DocuSign's Developer Support team. While my day-to-day focuses more on technical API issues, I've got a healthy amount of experience wit (show more)

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Interests: Camping, wildlife, and Photography

Matthew Farler Seattle, Washington, United States
Getting Started with DocuSign, DocuSign Productivity Tips, Creating Templates, Bulk Send

I am interested in doing what I can to ensure that everyone has easy access to meals and opportunities, no matter their situation in life. (show more)

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Interests: employment opportunities, social justice, Disabled, and Food banks

Susana Lopez Toronto, Ontario, Canada
DocuSign Account Branding, Creating Templates, Bulk Send, Advanced Fields
Majors NewCo

Very passionate about protecting the planet and cleaning the environment. I want to make a positive impact on our beautiful home. (show more)

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Interests: art, Dance, Music, People, and Nature